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Why Should a Small Business Hire an Attorney?

For a small business owner, hiring a lawyer may seem daunting. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs are often too invested in their business venture to even consider seeking the advice of an attorney. However, these enterprises could benefit from a business lawyer’s perspective. Not making the effort to seek legal counsel leaves these businesses exposed to unnecessary risks and liabilities.

Common Misconceptions about Small Business Lawyers

Lawyers are often perceived as people who say “no” in a world that wants to hear “yes.” However, without attorneys, many tax incentives and intellectual property protections that small businesses enjoy may not exist. With this in mind, here are several common misconceptions about small business lawyers:

What to Know before Hiring a Business Lawyer

Small businesses could maximize the benefits from their lawyer-client relationship by keeping the following in mind:

Is It a Time to Seek Legal Advice?

A qualified business lawyer or a start-up lawyer may save your business. If you are an entrepreneur or the owner of a small business or a startup, you should seek legal advice for the following:

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