A heater fire lawsuit may be filed for injuries or property damage caused by a heater or a heating system. In many cases, this can happen on residential property due to a faulty central heating system, or due to a small, personal-size heater. Heater fires can be particularly dangerous because they tend to happen at night while the residents are sleeping. This can lead to a potentially dangerous situation and can result in severe injury and property damage.

What Type of Evidence is Required for a Heater Fire Lawsuit?

When proving liability in a heater fire lawsuit, the plaintiff needs to supply various forms of evidence that proves that the defendant is responsible for the injuries or fire damage. This can include evidence such as:

  • Proof that the defendant knew about a defective heater system
  • Proof that the defendant did not take the required steps to correct the potential danger
  • Evidence of actual injury or property damage (fake or imaginary losses cannot be compensated for in court)

Thus, liable parties may include a landlord or property who failed to replace a broken heating system. It can also include manufacturers of the heater equipment, especially where they had knowledge of a defect, yet continued to market and sell their product.

What Remedies are Available?

Heater fires can cause extensive damage to property. In most cases, remedies in a heater fire lawsuit will include a damages award, which will compensate the plaintiff for any costs spent on repairing the fire damage. If a person has been injured by the uncontrolled heater fire, (such as a burn injury), the defendant may also need to pay damages for hospital and medical expenses—and sometimes even for lost earning capacity.

Industrial heater fires can result in various employment law remedies, such as a change in company policies, or multiple workers compensation claims. This all depends on the scope of the heater fire damage.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help Filing a Heater Fire Lawsuit?

Heater fire lawsuits can sometimes involve very complex legal theories and concepts. You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer if you need help recovering damages for heater fire injuries or for property damage caused by the fire. Your attorney can provide you with expert legal advice and guidance, so that you can succeed on your legal claim.