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What Does General Liability Refer to in a Business Setting?

In a business setting, “general liability” refers to the organization’s liability for damages caused to visitors who are injured while visiting the business’ property. This can include any visitors such as customers, associates, suppliers, or other parties. This liability is usually covered by commercial insurance policies known as “Commercial General Liability (CGL)" policies.

The way this works is that the business will usually purchase a commercial general liability package through an insurance company, and will pay monthly premiums for the coverage. The insurance company will then cover the business in the event that they are being sued by a visitor or customer who sustained injuries while on business premises

What Are Some General Liability Disputes in a Business?

Generally speaking, every business will have some sort of general liability insurance coverage, to protect them from losses associated with premises liability injuries. However, even with general liability insurance, legal disputes can often arise between the business and a visitor who sustains injuries while visiting business property.

Some common legal issues that may arise in connection with general liability principles can include:

There may be many other types of disputes that are related to general liability coverage with a business. Also, it can happen that a dispute may arise between the business and the insurance company from whom they are purchasing the general liability coverage.  For example, the insurance company may decide that they don’t want to cover the business for losses, especially if they feel that the business was directly liable for the injuries caused. Or, the business may have a dispute with the contract covering the insurance policy.

In these types of cases, it’s generally necessary to hire a business lawyer who can help with the dispute at hand. 

Should I Hire a Business Lawyer?

Legal disputes can often be avoided through the proper implementation of a general liability policy. To establish a general liability policy or to help resolve a business dispute, you should consult with a business lawyer.

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