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What Is Business Incorporation?

Business incorporation is a process in which a business becomes officially registered as a corporation. Businesses that have undergone incorporation have a different legal status than non-incorporated entities. For example, corporations are subject to different tax consequences because they are legally considered to be an “individual person” under law.

Thus, business incorporation may be desirable to some companies that are seeking various protections and rights under business laws. However, the incorporation process can sometimes be very complex, and may often involve distinct types of legal and business disputes.  There are also many different types of corporations, which may have different filing requirements.

What Are Some Common Business Incorporation Disputes?

Legal disputes and contentions are somewhat common during the business incorporation phase. This is because there are so many different steps and requirements to be fulfilled in relation to incorporation. Some common business incorporation disputes may involve:

There can be many other types of disputes depending on the nature of the corporation. Many of these disputes can be avoided through proper business planning.  Disputes can sometimes be resolved through alternative measures like mediation. However, in serious cases a lawsuit may become necessary, especially where a party’s legal rights have been violated.

Should I Hire a Lawyer If I’ve Been Involved in a Business Incorporation Dispute?

Business incorporation laws can be very different depending on the state and the nature of the organization. Many organizations experience disputes during incorporation which require the assistance of a competent business attorney. An experienced business lawyer will be able to provide you with advice and representation in court so that your dispute is resolved efficiently. Or, you may wish to contact a lawyer at the outset, so that they can help you avoid incorporation disputes in the first place.

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