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Are Travel Agencies Subect to Specific Laws?

Travel agents and their agencies are subject to "travel law." Travel law applies federal, state, common law and international laws to regulate the workings of the travel industry. Every state has general consumer disclosure and fraud statutes, as well as refund policy requirements to address businesses that arrange or sell travel services. Some states have gone so far as to create specific laws for the regulation, registration and licensing for sellers of travel.

Responsibilities of Travel Agents

Travel agents are fiduciaries (representatives) of their customers. These agents are responsible for a number of general duties when arranging travel plans, including:

Can My Travel Agent Be Liable for Problems I Encounter on My Trip?

Travel agents are liable to customers for violations of general duties, fraudulent misrepresentations, and violations of applicable state regulations. Common issues travelers have against travel agents include:

Do I Need a Lawyer If I Have a Claim against My Travel Agent?

Because each state has specific regulations regarding travel sellers, and travel law encompasses domestic and international laws, you should contact a lawyer to handle any claims you may have against your travel agent. Generally, an experienced business lawyer should be able to handle any dispute between you and your travel agent.

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