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Can I Sue for Injuries Sustained in a Boating Accident?

Every year thousands of people are injured or killed in boating accidents, including accidents happening on yachts, cruise ships, houseboats, and duck boats. As the number of boats increase, the number of accidents will surely rise as well. Often, the victim of a boating accident can sue the person who caused the accident. The following are the most reported injuries as a result of boating accidents: 

Are You Required to Report a Boating Accident?

There are currently five general situations in which the law requires you to report a boating accident when: 

Who Is Liable for Boating Accidents?

Because the majority of boating accidents are the result of a collision with another boat, liability in this situation is very similar to that of a car accident. A court will be forced to make a determination of liability based on the facts surrounding the collision. In addition to boating collisions, the following are other common causes of boating accidents and injuries: 

Should I Contact a Lawyer about My Boating Accident?

If you were injured or involved in a boating accident, you may find the advice of a personal injury attorney extremely helpful. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine who is liable for the accident and represent you in court.

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