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What do DUI-DWI-OUI-OWI Stand For?

State laws vary in the handling of individuals arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol or other impairing substances. As a result, various acronyms have been used by the states to classify the charge of driving under the influence.

What Are The Different Acronyms Used By The States?

Are There Differing Penalties For The Different Drunk Driving Acronyms?

The drunk driving acronyms are more of a convention used to describe or classify the general crime of driving under the influence. Except for DWAI, which has different penalty classifications in New York and Colorado, the above terms will have the penalties associated with the states' laws for driving under the influence.

Do I Need A Drunk Driving Attorney?

There are numerous attorneys specializing in driving under the influence charges whether it is a OWI charge in Wisconsin, a OMVI charge in Ohio, or a DWUI charge in Wyoming.  Hiring an experienced attorney will assist you in resolving your driving under the influence charge.

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