In Arizona, driving under the influence of a drug (DUID) may be a misdemeanor or felony charged depending on the facts of the case. It is unlawful for an individual to drive or to take control of a vehicle after ingesting drugs.

Does It Matter If the Drugs I Took Were Prescription Drugs?

No. The laws does not differentiate between illegal drugs or prescription drugs.

Does Arizona Have a Zero Tolerance for DUID?

Yes. It’s against the law for a driver to have any drugs in their system prior to operating a motor vehicle. It doesn’t matter when the drug was taken or how much of the drug is in the person’s system at the time of the stop.

What If I Know I Am Under the Influence and Refuse a Drug Test, Will I Get in Trouble?

Yes, implied consent is the law in Arizona. A driver must submit to a drug test if stopped on suspicion of DUID. If the driver refuses, then there may be serious consequences.

What Sentence Can I Face If I Am Convicted of DUID?

The exact DUID sentence depends on the offense and classification of the crime. For example, a first DUID offense is a class 1 misdemeanor that may result in 10 days in jail and a fine.

Will I Have to Do Those 10 Days in Jail, If Convicted?

A judge may suspend the time in jail. But it depends on whether the defendant completes court ordered substance abuse treatment and/or community service.

Is There an Additional Criminal Charge If I Have Drug Paraphernalia In The Car Too?

In Arizona, a driver can face additional charges if drug paraphernalia is found in the car during a DUID stop.

Can a Criminal Lawyer Help Me With My DUID Case?

Yes, a DUI/DWI lawyer will help you fight the DUID charge and help you resolve the case.