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What is the Relationship Between Drug Activity and Real Estate?

Many states have additional drug laws that prohibit certain drug activities in connection with real estate, and they are generally referred to as Disorderly House Laws, or Drug House Laws.

What is Considered Drug Activity?

Drug activity is a broad category, but most states define it as doing any of the following with a controlled substance:

Controlled substances can range from narcotics like marijuana, cocaine, and heroin to industrial chemicals like mercury or benzene.

What Level of Connection do I Have to Have With Real Estate to be Guilty?

Most states only make it a crime to be in control or management of real estate where drug activity is occurring.  In deciding if you control or manage the real estate, a court will consider things like:

What are the Consequences for Drug Activity in Connection to Real Estate?

If you violate a Disorderly House Law or a Drug House Law, you have generally committed a felony and could face punishments that include:

You may also be found guilty of other drug crimes depending on the drug activity you are involved in.

Do I Need an Attorney if I am Charged With Drug Activity in Relation to Real Estate?

It is highly recommended that you contact a criminal defense attorney if you are charged with violating a Disorderly Home Law or a Drug Home Law because of the severity of the crime and only an attorney will be able to properly defend you.

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