This depends on what the purpose of your stay in another state is:

  • Non-permanent stay : If you are visiting another state, on a business trip (even if it is a frequent business trip), or are only attending school in that state, your home state driver’s license is acceptable for driving in that state.
  • Permanent stay : A permanent stay begins when you start paying taxes in that state.  If you have moved to another state to live, your driver’s license from the previous state will be valid for only a temporary amount of time (usually around 30 days).  You will need to stop by the local DMV and apply for a new license.  It depends on the laws in that state, but usually involves filling out paperwork and paying a small fee, though sometimes you may need to take an eye exam or a written exam on the state’s rules of driving

Does My Driver’s License Permit Me to Drive in Other Countries that I Am Visiting?

You can use the driver’s license you acquired from your state to legally drive in many other countries.  However, this may not apply for all countries.  Be sure to check with the embassy or consulate office of the country you are visiting to see what the driving requirements are for international visitors and what the time requirements are when applying for a driver’s license.   In addition to your license, many countries require that you have an International Driver’s Permit because it contains important information about you translated into 10 different languages.  You can get this permit from the American Automobile Association.

What Should I Do if I Do Not Understand the Driving Laws of Other States or Countries?

Sometimes driving laws in other states or countries can be obscure or difficult to understand.  If you need help finding or understanding driving laws in another state, you will want to consult that state’s website, or the US Embassy for foreign countries. If you have any questions regarding driving laws of other states or countries you should consult with a traffic violation attorney who has some experience dealing with driving laws.