Domestic violence against men occurs when the male in a legal union is the victim of physical violence. Domestic violence law has traditionally focused on the protection of women in the context of spousal abuse. However, many states recognize that domestic violence can be a problem for male victims as well.

In this light, many states often couch their domestic violence laws in gender-neutral terms. Thus, it would be possible for the husband in a relationship to obtain a domestic violence restraining order. Many courts are also beginning to recognize specific legal issues such as domestic violence protections for gay men and couples.

Do Men Have Legal Rights as Victims of Domestic Violence?

As mentioned, many states have gender-neutral domestic violence laws. If the male spouse is able to obtain a domestic violence protection order, they often have various rights and protections. For instance, the abusive spouse may not be allowed within a certain specified distance of the victim. The victim is also usually allowed to evict the offender from the premises if they are sharing living space together.

Domestic violence orders can also affect other issues like child custody or visitation. They can also provide protection in the form of police arrests if the abuser is in violation of the court order.

What Are the Legal Remedies for Domestic Violence against Men?

Domestic violence cases can result in a number of legal remedies, including:

  • Compensation for costs associated with injuries, therapy, and rehabilitation
  • Compensation for related costs, such as lost wages if applicable
  • Criminal charges (especially for severely violent incidents or for cases involving weapons or serious bodily injury)

Domestic violence can also be discovered in the context of a divorce or legal separation. Such situations can sometimes reveal various conflicts or disputes that exist in the relationship. Thus, domestic violence orders and rulings can often be addressed during a number of family law proceedings.

Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Domestic violence against men is a serious issue that often goes unreported or unaddressed. You may wish to hire a family lawyer if you need legal advice or assistance when it comes to domestic violence rules. Your attorney can review the law with you and can help explain your legal rights and options. Also, if you need to file a claim, your lawyer can represent you during the filing process.