Intimate partner violence is domestic violence between spouses, persons in a civil union, and other types of couples. It typically occurs in the home and may involve repeated or cyclical patterns of abuse. Many cases of intimate partner violence go unreported due to:

  • Fear of the family splitting up
  • Fear of retaliation by the abusive spouse
  • Lack of understanding of state and federal laws

Intimate partner abuse can also include elements of psychological abuse or emotional abuse. Children’s exposure to intimate partner violence can create psychological issues for the children as well.

Are There Different Types of Intimate Partner Violence?

Intimate partner violence can come in many forms. Some of these include:

  • Cyclical abuse: This is where the abuse is repeated over time in patterns that are somewhat predictable
  • Abuse related to alcohol or drugs: Some violence patterns are linked directly to drug or alcohol use
  • Mutual violence: In some cases, both partners may engage in violent activity

Most cases involving intimate partner violence involve cyclical abuse. However, cases can be brought for single incidents of violence (in fact, they should be reported).

How Are Intimate Partner Violence Cases Handled?

Cases involving intimate partner violence may have several components. First, the court needs to engage in fact-finding to determine what the facts surrounding the abuse were. These may include facts such as the location, date(s), time periods, and parties involved in the incidents.

The court will also need to determine other factors, such as the extent of any injuries involved, and evaluation of property damage.

Do I Need a Lawyer for help with Family Law Issues?

Family law issues like intimate partner violence can involve some very serious violations. You may wish to hire a family lawyer if you need representation in a case that involves intimate partner violence. Each state may have different laws when it comes to domestic violence and other violations. Your attorney can provide you with legal advice and guidance for any questions that might arise with you case.