Criminal Negligence Defenses

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Criminal Negligence Defenses

Negligence describes a situation in which a person fails to use the standard of care an ordinary individual would use in the same or similar circumstances. However, negligence is also used in criminal law to describe some criminal acts involving intentional conduct.

What Is Criminal Negligence?

Criminal negligence is negligence requiring a higher degree of responsibility than civil negligence. It is a departure from conduct a careful or prudent person would ordinarily exercise in the same or similar circumstances. Criminal negligence can be:

What Are Some Criminal Negligence Defenses?

The specific defenses available to you depend on the exact facts of your case. However, there are a number of defenses available to the defendant, such as:

Do I Need Help from a Lawyer with my Criminal Negligence Defense?

Criminal negligence laws are difficult to understand which can cause confusion regarding which defense to use. Contact a criminal defense lawyer about the criminal negligence defenses available to you.

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