Conflicts of Interest with Insurance Companies

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When Is a Conflict of Interest with an Insurance Company?

Liability insurance policies give the insurance company exclusive control over litigation in claims against its "insureds", who are the clients that own policies with the company. With the insurance company possessing this much control over a client's case, conflicts of interest may develop between the insurance company and the insured. If conflicts do arise between the two, the insurance company may have to provide and pay for independent counsel for the insured separate from the counsel representing the company.

When Do Conflicts of Interest Arise?

Some common situations where a conflict of interest arises which may require the insurance company to provide and pay for independent counsel include:

Do I Need an Attorney to Deal with a Conflict of Interest?

If you believe you have a conflict of interest with your insurance company, it may be time to contact an attorney on your own. An attorney can help you get independent counsel and have the insurance company pay for it. 

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