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What Is a Claim of Bad Faith against an Insurance Company?

A claim of bad faith against an insurance company can arise when the company refuses to make a reasonable effort to pay a claimant for a legitimate claim. To succeed on a claim of bad faith, you need to prove that the insurance company did not properly and fairly investigate your claim before denying the payment.

What Can I Recover in a Bad Faith Claim?

If a court finds that your insurance company did not properly investigate your claim before denying payment, you can recover a number of kinds of damages. First you are entitled to recover the benefits of the insurance policy for your claim. In addition, you can recover damages for money you lost as a result of the insurance company's bad faith denial, including:

Under What Circumstances Can I Recover Punitive Damages?

Punitive damages, sometimes called exemplary damages, are only awarded when the insurance company's conduct in denying your claim was egregious, intentional, or fraudulent.

Do I Need an Insurance Attorney?

If you believe your insurance company has denied your legitimate claim in bad faith, you may be able to recover against the company for bad faith. Speak to an insurance attorney about the merits of your case; insurance is complicated and seeking recovery should be handled by attorneys with expertise and experience in this area of law.

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