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What Are Child Custody Proceedings?

Child custody proceedings are family law hearings that help to determine and resolve various issues related to child custody. These may include:

Child custody issues are often addressed in separate hearings dedicated solely for that issue. However, child custody can often be determined in other related settings, such as during a divorce or legal separation proceeding.

What Are Some Common Child Custody Issues for Women and Mothers?

Child custody issues may be different depending on which party is being discussed. For instance, each parent may have different rights when it comes to custody. Some common custody issues for women and mothers include:

Thus, child custody determinations often involve an analysis of many different factors. Also, child custody issues can change over time as the children grow and their needs change. All determinations need to be made according to the child’s best interests.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Help with Child Custody Issues?

Child custody can sometime involve a number of different legal issues. You may wish to hire a child custody attorney in your area if you need help with a child custody determination. Your attorney can advise you on your rights and can help identify the different issues that might be of concern in your case.

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