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What is Custody Law?

Custody law is a subfield of family law that covers child custody matters.  Each state may have different child custody laws, but they generally regulate matters such as:

Custody law shares much overlap with many other areas of family law, in particular divorce law and child support law.  In fact, child custody orders are sometimes a standard part of a divorce proceeding, and many child custody orders also include statements regarding child support.

What Other Types of Legal Issues are Covered Through Custody Law?

Child custody law mainly deals with the question of who will be responsible for the proper upbringing of a child.  In addition to the issues matters listed above, child custody law can also involve other legal issues, including:

Thus, custody law attorneys are generally well-versed in many other areas of law.  They also understand the way that different legal issues interact with one another.  For instance, they have an understanding how a parent’s rights are affected if they surrender custody to another person. 

What if a Child Custody Law is Violated?

Child custody laws are treated very seriously and can be enforced quite strictly.  Any type of court order that involves child custody is binding under law and needs to be followed by all the parties involved.  One of the main concerns it that the safety and well-being of a child may be compromised if one of the parents disobeys the instructions of a custody order.

For instance, if one parent does not transfer custody of the child according to the court schedule, it is a serious situation that could lead to a contempt order or even criminal charges.  In order to avoid such violations, the parties should request to modify a child custody order before introducing a different schedule or arrangement.  This may require the assistance of a qualified lawyer.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Assistance With Custody Laws?

Every state has its own unique set of custody laws.  Such differences can create challenges, especially if one parent lives in a different state.  You may wish to hire an experienced lawyer in your area if you need help with custody laws and other types of family law issues.  Your attorney can provide you with the type of legal assistance and representation that you need for your child’s upbringing. 

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