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 What is a Prescription Drug?

Prescription drugs are medications which cannot be legally purchased without obtaining a prescription from an authorized medical professional, for example, a dentist or doctor. Prescription drugs are not the same as over-the-counter drugs, which may be purchased without a prescription.

Prescription drugs are usually more effective, or stronger, and come with the possibility of more side effects than an over-the-counter drug. There are some newer prescription drugs which may not have undergone long-term testing and research, meaning that side effects may develop over time.

What are Prescription Drug Lawyers?

Millions of individuals today rely on prescription drugs to cure their ailments or, in some cases, to save their lives. Although a prescription drug is intended to improve an individual’s quality of life, some prescription drugs may be poorly manufactured and cause harm or even death.

This is especially the case if the drugs are counterfeit drugs. When a defective prescription harms an individual, they may have a lawsuit against the manufacturer to recover for the damages and injuries that they suffered.

In some cases, other parties may also be held liable, depending upon the facts and circumstances surrounding the injury and the case.

What are Beta Blocker Drugs?

A beta blocker is a prescription drug that was originally created to treat high blood pressure as well as other heart-related conditions. These medications may have the effect of slowing down the heart rate as well as promoting relaxation in the user.

Due to these effects, individuals sometimes use beta blockers to reduce their performance anxiety. Particularly, the use of beta blockers became very widespread among athletes and musicians who desire to increase their focus during performance as well as combat any stage fright associated with performing.

In other words, individuals began using the drug to enhance their performance. In addition, students in high school, college, or other high-level education programs may use a beta blocker for taking an exam, commonly done without a prescription.

In other words, many individuals obtain beta blocker medications from peers for friends without a prescription and use them for a purpose other than that which they were originally intended.

Do Beta Blockers have Any Side Effects?

Yes, using beta blockers may be associated with numerous side effects, including:

  • Drowsiness;
  • Memory loss;
  • Difficulty breathing, as beta blockers are usually not prescribed to individuals with asthma; and
  • Coma or loss of consciousness.

The risks of these types of side effects have raised many concerns because young people are illegally obtaining these drugs illegally and using them in high dosages.

Is it Illegal to Use Beta Blockers?

Generally, it is legal to use a beta blocker so long as an individual has a prescription and they are used in the proper dosage. As with any prescription medication, however, using a beta blocker without a prescription may be considered a violation of the law and may lead to criminal consequences such as fines or jail time.

Particularly, distributing a beta blocker without proper authorization may lead to very serious federal criminal charges. This is because the majority of prescription medications are considered to be controlled substances.

This means that an individual should not provide beta blockers to friends or accept them from peers.

What if My School Prohibits the Use of Beta Blockers?

Individuals should be aware that numerous schools and institutions prohibit the non-medical use of a beta blocker. This is due to the fact that a beta blocker is considered to be a performance-enhancing drug and is prohibited by the politics of many educational institutions.

For example, the non-medicinal use of a beta blocker is considered to be cheating at the School of Music at the University of Minnesota. There are other schools which will enforce suspension or expulsion if a student is caught using a beta blocker in a prohibited manner.

In addition, the use of beta blockers is prohibited in many international and Olympic competitions, especially those which involve a high degree of skill, such as archery or golf. If an individual is an athlete, performer, or student, they should inform their school or institution if they have a valid prescription for the use of beta blockers.

This should prevent an individual from being disqualified from performances, tests, school events, etc. To be safe, an individual should double-check with authorities regarding the use of beta blockers at the institution they are attending.

What is an Online Pharmacy?

The Internet has created a variety of complications related to the regulation of legal drug purchases. Online drug sales pose unique challenges for law enforcement and regulatory agencies at the state, federal, and international levels.

Internet technology may obscure the source of the drug as well as provide a degree of anonymity to the parties responsible for selling and shipping the product. The parties to an online drug transaction may be separated geographically and usually never meet.

Therefore, the regulatory and enforcement issues often cross state, federal, and international jurisdictional borders.

Is it Illegal to Purchase Medicine from a Domestic Online Pharmacy?

Although the majority of prosecutions related to online pharmacies are made against distributors, suppliers, and marketers, there are several categories of violations which may include a purchaser at an online pharmacy. The areas in which the government has sought a successful prosecution against individuals involved with an online pharmacy include:

  • The sale, distribution or importation of an adulterated or misbranded drug;
  • The sale, distribution or importation of a new and unapproved drug;
  • Illegal promotion of a drug;
  • The sale or dispensing of a prescription drug without a valid prescription;
  • Counterfeit drugs;
  • Purchasing prescription drugs in such quantity as to infer selling; and
  • Purchasing a prescription drug for illicit use and for sale on the black market.

Is it Illegal to Buy Prescription Drugs from a Foreign Online Pharmacy?

Technically, it is illegal to purchase prescription drugs online because they have not been approved by the FDA, which means that they are counterfeit drugs. It is rare, however, for an individual to be prosecuted for purchasing a prescription drug which is for personal use and for which they have a valid prescription.

The type of drug which is purchased is considered when determining whether to prosecute an individual. More scrutiny placed upon tranquilizers, pain killers, and other prescription drugs that have a viable black market value.

Individuals who sell prescription drugs online, however, are likely to be prosecuted for selling the drugs. They may also be prosecuted for prescription fraud if they obtained the drugs illegally.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Issues with Beta Blockers?

If you have any issues, questions, or concerns related to the use or purchase of beta blockers, it may be helpful to consult with a drug lawyer in your area. Although beta blockers are relatively new medications, there may still be legal consequences involved in a violation of the laws governing their use.

The misuse of a beta blocker is illegal and may have very serious academic, professional, and legal consequences. If you have been accused of misuse of a beta blocker, your lawyer can advise you of the laws in your state and represent you in court if you are required to appear.

Your lawyer may also be able to help resolve your case by having charges dropped or negotiating a lesser penalty.

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