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Learn More About Warwick, RI

Warwick, RI, founded in 1642, was purchased from Native Americans and became the site of the first English bloodshed during the Revolutionary War. While steeped in history, this city of 86,000 has become a thriving metropolis known as the “Crossroads of Southern New England.” Warwick boasts numerous high tech and biotech companies, the New England Institute of Technology, and cultural attractions within its borders, while being surrounded by 39 miles of coastline and parks.

If you have a case in Warwick, RI, you may need the assistance of a Warwick lawyer. Warwick lawyers can help with many legal issues including criminal, employment, family, medical malpractice, real estate, and wills trusts and estates.

Warwick attorneys recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Warwick family claiming injuries after Verizon Communications Inc. broadcast the Playboy Channel into their home without permission over a five month period. The lawsuit is currently pending in the Kent County Superior Court.

Warwick attorneys are familiar with the Kent County court system. The Rhode Island Court system in general is structured as a district court, superior court, and supreme court. Lawyers in Warwick may file your case in the 3rd Division District Court or the Kent County Superior Court. Specialized courts may hear cases involving family, guns, workers compensation, or traffic matters. A Warwick attorney can help you to decide which court is best suited for your case.

LegalMatch can match you with a local Warwick attorney familiar with your type of legal issue. Our Web site also provides helpful tips on selecting the right attorney and general information on a variety of popular legal topics. Finding the right lawyer is an important decision- let LegalMatch help find the appropriate attorney for your unique case.

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