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Learn More About Kent County, RI

A county in central Rhode Island, Kent County is one of Rhode Island’s most historic counties. Kent County was the home of Nathanael Greene, George Washington’s second in command, and was the home of the first shot fired in the American Revolutionary war.
Kent County lawyers can help you in any legal dilemma you may be facing, including criminal defense, personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate litigation, family law, and many more.
Kent County attorneys are currently battling out their school budgets in a lawsuit. The suit stems from an older action between Kent County and the school district regarding the disbursement of funds to schools. How the money is utilized has become a point of contention, and now the courts are involved.
This case and many others begin in the Kent County courthouse. If you have a case in Kent County, you will want an attorney familiar with the ins and outs of this court. Your lawyer should also be familiar with the laws of Kent County and other Kent County attorneys, court staff, and judges.
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