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Learn More About Cranston, RI

Cranston is home to the first auto racing track in the country, one of the largest outdoor swimming pools in the country, and is the town on which Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane bases the fictional setting of the show: Quahog, RI. Cranston is in Providence County and is the third largest city in Rhode Island.

Cranston is also home to many talented lawyers who take a variety of cases including: real estate, DUI, medical malpractice, as well as wills and trusts. Lawyers in Cranston can consult you on any legal issue and are knowledgeable of local superior, district, and municipal court proceedings.

Recently in a Cranston Prison, inmate Michael Walsh was caught trying to smuggle cigarettes in his body cavity. Walsh’s lawyer reports that prison officials forced him to place the bag that was covered with his fecal matter in his mouth and didn’t allow him to use a toothbrush until the following day. The lawsuit filed in Providence Supreme Court also alleges that Walsh was struck with a phonebook by a guard while being questioned about the incident.

If you are looking to file a small claims case under $2,500, you are going to be visiting the Third Judicial District Court in Warwick which also has exclusive jurisdiction over misdemeanor cases. The Providence County Superior Court will be handling your criminal and civil appeals from the district court, felony proceedings, civil matters exceeding $10,000, and also issues writs of habeas corpus and mandamus.

LegalMatch is the best way to find a Cranston lawyer that can accommodate your particular legal needs. LegalMatch can also help if you’re looking to do research on your case. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter offers many great resources like blogs, tips on choosing the right lawyer for you, an online law library, and forums on nearly every legal issue.

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