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Learn More About Providence County, RI

Providence County, RI is bordered on the west by Connecticut and to the north and east by Massachusetts and to the south by the Narragansett Bay. Formed in 1703, the county is spread over 436 square miles with approximately 621,600 residents. Providence County is home to prestigious Brown University, and the Rhode Island School of Design. Historically the economy of Providence County was based on agriculture in the 17th century, shipping in the 18th century, and manufacturing in the 19th century.  Today the local economy is supported by healthcare and tourism. Local attractions include the Museum of Rhode Island History, the Providence Children’s Museum, the Rhode Island Philharmonic, and the Blackstone River State Park.
If you have a legal issue, you may require the assistance of a Providence County lawyer.  Lawyers in Providence County are experienced in handlings legal issues such as business disputes, personal injury, real estate, criminal matters, will trusts and estates, as well as any other you may face.
Attorneys in Providence County recently litigated on both sides of a case against a local resident. A Burrillville man was accused of holding his roommate prisoner, torturing the roommate with various implements (such as a chainsaw, meat cleaver, and screwdriver), and rape of the roommate over a two month period. The man was charged with 1st degree sexual assault, eleven counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and kidnapping. The case is ongoing.
Rhode Island’s judiciary is structured as district courts, superior courts, and a supreme court. Lawyers in Providence County typically argue their cases in the 6th Division District Court, the Providence/Bristol Division Superior Court, or the Rhode Island Supreme Court. Each court has its own unique rules and procedures, which can be explained by a Providence County attorney.
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