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Learn More About Shawnee County, KS

Shawnee County has the esteemed privilege of hosting Kansas’ state capital and the county seat, Topeka. Shawnee County is home to 173,000 residents and is named for the Shawnee tribe of Native Americans whereas Topeka is the word meaning a good place to grow Prairie potatoes.
A number of Shawnee County residents are also practicing lawyers. Lawyers in Shawnee County take a miscellaneous mishmash of cases, some typical examples include: chapter 13 bankruptcy, personal injury, estate administration, divorce, and DUI cases. Wichita lawyers occasionally refer a case to Shawnee County attorneys when the case is being tried in Topeka instead of in Wichita or Sedgwick County.
Recently in Shawnee County, Tyler Tregellas of Topeka was arrested for allegedly putting a Dillon’s employee in a headlock and stealing his phone. When the employee called deputies they quarreled with the boy while trying to arrest him and booked him into the Shawnee County Jail on suspicion of robbery, felony obstruction, criminal threat, battery of a law enforcement officer, criminal damage to property, and being a minor consuming alcohol.
If you have pending criminal charges in Shawnee County, it’s most likely that your case will be filed with the Shawnee County District Court. Kansas district courts are responsible for hearing civil, small claims, domestic relations, DWI, DUI, felony, misdemeanor, juvenile, traffic, and appeals cases. Before you file with a court it’s best to consult a local Shawnee County lawyer to ensure your case is handled correctly.
LegalMatch is a free pairing service that allows you to view prices, past clients’ reviews, and availability schedules of lawyers in Shawnee County. Also, check out all of the reference materials that the LegalCenter has to offer including tips on how to select the best lawyer for your case.
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