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Learn More About Topeka, KS

The capital city for the state of Kansas is Topeka. Topeka sits in the center of Shawnee County. Meaning “to dig good potatoes”, Topeka was chartered as a city in 1857, and at one time was located along the famous Oregon Trail. Topeka was also the home of Linda Brown, best known as the plaintiff in “Brown vs. Board of Education”, the U.S. Supreme Court case eliminating the idea of “separate but equal” and requiring integration of the American school system.

Topeka is in the midst of a period of economic redevelopment, with $5 million yearly being devoted to business development and job creation for the city. The city’s 122,000 residents and visitors alike are drawn to the city’s friendly mid-west atmosphere and activities such as the Old Prairie Town, the Combat Air Museum, and the city’s annual Tulip Time Festival.

Numerous Topeka lawyers have chosen to make this bustling mid-western community their home. Lawyers in Topeka have experience dealing with a wide range of legal matters. These attorneys can represent you in many diverse areas of law including: personal injury, bankruptcy, automobile accidents, tax, DUI, arson, assault, divorce, child custody and alimony issues and more.

The Kansas judicial system is structured as a series of municipal courts, district courts, a court of appeals, and a state supreme court. Attorneys in Topeka typically argue their case in the Topeka Municipal Court, the Shawnee County District Court, the Kansas Court of Appeals, and the Kansas Supreme Court. A local Topeka lawyer can explain and help you navigate the procedural rules for each court. The following external links contain additional information on Topeka attorneys and the Kansas legal system: can help pair you with a local Topeka attorney. LegalMatch has taken the time to do the research on Topeka attorneys. Our service has catalogued their area of specialty and practice history. When you utilize our free service you will be matched to pre-screened Topeka lawyers who are qualified to handle your case. Any information you provide remains completely confidential, and you can decide which attorney to use.

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