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find a lawyer in KansasThe Kansas court system consists of the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, the District Court, and Municipal Courts. There are 31 districts within Kansas, comprising 105 counties within the state. Trials are normally conducted only in district courts, with higher courts generally conducting hearings based on appeals from lower courts. These hearings consist of opposing lawyers stating their case and then arguing before the judges, rather than a formal trial where witnesses are called.

There are 7,855 attorneys currently practicing in Kansas. To become an attorney in Kansas one must graduate from an ABA accredited law school, pass the Kansas Bar Examination, be found in good moral character, and pass a professional responsibility examination. Attorneys are under a permanent duty to continue their legal education from time to time by enrolling in legal seminars which update them on developments in the legal world and various new techniques for practicing law.  

Topeka, Kansas was the home of the principal parties in the groundbreaking case of  Brown v. Board of Education. This landmark Supreme Court case forever changed the landscape of the United States and was a pivotal moment in civil rights history. The ruling called for desegregation of public school systems throughout the country and spawned years of further litigation regarding school bussing programs and desegregation policies.

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For about 8 years, Kansas was one of few states that offered competing theories to evolution in school. The policies were voted on by state school boards and became part of the state wide curriculum in 1999. In 2007, Kansas officially removed all references to intelligent design in its statewide school curriculum after voters removed members of the board who had originally supported it.

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