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Learn More About Anchorage County, AK

Alaska’s largest and most urban county, Anchorage County began as a small tent city surrounding an Alaskan railroad depot. After World War II, Alaska’s strategic location attracted military bases and massive federal spending. The discovery of oil cemented the area’s importance to the development of the state and Anchorage County.  Today, Anchorage County is Alaska’s economic hub of Alaska and home to 40% of Alaska’s residents.
Anchorage County lawyers practice in criminal law, family law, real estate law, immigration law, and bankruptcy law. Lawyers in Anchorage County are familiar with all of the city’s courts, including the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Superior Court, and District Court.
Recent three lawsuits were filed against the local Anchorage County Catholic Church. Like similar suits, these lawsuits alleged sexual abuse of altar boys by local priests. The Anchorage County archbishop agreed to settle the cases for $760,000, adding that he fully intends to take care of the victims and bring healing to their lives.
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