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Learn More About Sitka, AK

The city of Sitka is the largest incorporate city within the United States, being four times the size of Rhode Island. However, having less than 9,000 residents within the city, the population density is very low, roughly 1.2 persons per square kilometer. Bordered on the West by the Pacific Ocean and on the East by the mountainous Alexander Archipelago, Sitka is uniquely situation for many outdoor activities. From climbing Peak 5390 to sea Kayaking, Sitka offers a little of everything for the outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition, Sitka also offers a number of talented Sitka lawyers who are available to represent you in your legal action. These legal professionals are skilled in areas of law such as personal injury, bankruptcy, business, wills and estate planning, property damages, DUI, and many more.

Alaska State Troopers recently cited a Sitka based fishing guide for aiding clients in violating the fishing laws. Apparently, the Sitka fishing guide allowed his out-of-state clients to take substantially more than the one king salmon they were allowed to take by law. Among the four clients on the boat, there were twelve king salmon. The Alaska State Troopers say that the violation was only detected after the clients had left the state. Eight of the twelve salmon were seized after the violation was discovered.

Sitka is served by both a superior and a district court which are both within the city. If you have to report to court in Sitka, you will probably have to report to one of these courts. Because the city population is so small, it is important to have a local lawyer who is in good standing with community and the two courts.

LegalMatch is the easiest way to select an experienced Sitka lawyer. LegalMatch offers a matching service so that you find a bar certified lawyer for your legal issue without unneeded guessing. In addition, you can read attorney profiles and past client reviews all from the comfort of your own home.

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