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Learn More About Juneau, AK

Juneau is the capital of Alaska and is unique for many reasons. First, it is the only state capital in the U.S. that sits on an international border, being that the Canadian border is directly to the east of Juneau. Second, Juneau is only accessible by air and sea as there are no roads that lead to the city. Third, the largest employer in Juneau is, by far, the government, both state and federal. The other sources of income in Juneau comes from the tourism industry, with cruise lines making stops in the city 7 days a week, and the fishing industry.

As the state capital of Alaska, it is no surprise that Juneau is home to many experienced Juneau lawyers who are available to assist you in your lawsuit. These attorneys are skilled in areas of law such as personal injury, DUI, criminal defense, employment discrimination, bankruptcy, tax, and m any more.

A Juneau attorney is currently representing the family of an Anchorage man in their suit against the owner of a gun shop in Juneau. The suit alleges that the owner of the shop illegally sold a rifle to Jason Cody even though he was a both a fugitive and a methamphetamine user, thus making the sale illegal. Jason Cody used the gun two days later to kill an Anchorage man who was in Juneau working on a painting project.

Juneau is served by both a superior and a district court which both sit in the city. If you have a case in Juneau, you will probably be required to report to one of these courts. Because the city is rather small, it is important to have a local lawyer who knows about the legal scene and can guide you through it.

If you need help finding a lawyer in Juneau, LegalMatch is here to help you. We are an online legal matching service that assists clients like you in finding legal representation. To this end, we provide users with invaluable information about the local Juneau lawyers that respond to your case that help you make an informed decision.

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