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If you have the leave the United States because of an emergency you may need to obtain travel documents to re-enter the country. There are many travel documents that you must obtain if you wish to re-enter the country after traveling outside the United States. One of these documents includes the re-entry permit.

What Is a Re-Entry Permit?

A re-entry permit permits the holder to re-enter the Untied States after travel of one year or more.

Who Uses Re-Entry Permits?

Generally, re-entry permits are used by green card holders and conditional residents. The permit must be applied for before leaving the United States:

Can I Renew My Re-Entry Permit?

Unfortunately, re-entry permits cannot be renewed or extended. An immigration attorney can advise you of alternate methods to re-enter the country if you re-entry permit has expired.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Because of increased security threats and changes to U.S. immigration law, travel outside the United States may have severe consequences for people adjusting their status or extending their non-immigrant stay. Because you may not be allowed to re-enter the country, an experienced immigration attorney can ensure you have the proper documentation before you leave.

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