National Collegiate Athletic Association Eligibility

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What Is the NCAA?

The NCAA is a voluntary association of over 1200 colleges and universities, sports organizations, and athletic conferences.

How Is the NCAA Organized?

The NCAA is broken up into three divisions: Division-I (D-I), Division-II, and Division-III. Each division has contest and participant minimums as well as scheduling criteria for each sport:

The NCAA exists primarily to promote amateur sports. Thus, if the NCAA finds an athlete to be a professional, the association takes away his or her eligibility.

How Does the NCAA Determine if an Athlete Is Professional?

An athlete is deemed a professional if the athlete:

What Is Pay?

The NCAA defines "pay" to include:

What Can You Do if You Have an Eligibility Dispute with the NCAA?

Consulting with a sports lawyer familiar with NCAA bylaws and rules could help you resolve a claim. Sports lawyers specialize in the art of negotiation and can help you better understand your options.

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