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What Is a Scholarship Scam?

A scholarship scam involves fraud concerning scholarships for school and education. As the costs of education continue to increase, parents increasingly look to scholarship organizations to help them pay for their children's college expenses. However, tens of millions of dollars are lost each year to scholarship scams. On November 5, 2000, Congress passed the College Scholarship Fraud Prevention Act which established stronger sentencing guidelines for such fraud.

What Should I Look Out for?

Scholarship scams typically use a number of slogans that are tell-tale warnings to the wary consumer. These include:

What Should I Do if I Am Confronted with Such a Scam?

If you believe you have been a victim of a scholarship scam, you should contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Under the "Project Scholar scam," the FTC has targeted scholarship scam artists. It has produced court orders prohibiting future fraud against 11 companies and 30 individuals. It has also resulted in refunds to consumers or the U.S. treasury.

Do I Need a Lawyer Experienced with Consumer Fraud Issues?

A lawyer would be able to inform you of your rights and how to spot a scholarship scam. An experienced lawyer may also help you in dealing with the FTC if you believe you have been a victim or you believe you have a claim against a company or individual.

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