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What Is the National Football League Players Association?

The National Football League Players Association or NFLPA is the officially recognized National Football League (NFL) union for its players. The NFLPA began in 1956.

What Does the NFLPA Do?

The NFLPA takes on a variety of tasks:

How Does the NFLPA Work?

Players who are NFLPA members on each team elect a Player Representative and an Alternate Player Representative to serve on the Board of Player Representatives. Player Representatives get their power from the player members who elect them.

What Does the Board of Players Representatives Do?

The Board must meet a minimum of one time a year and makes such important decisions for the organization such as:

Do I Need a Lawyer?

A sports lawyer or agent familiar with the NFL can give you detailed information on the NFLPA. If you have a dispute with the NFL or NFLPA, consult a sports lawyer.

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