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Many state bar and local county bar associations across the United States offer attorney referral services.  These services are a great resource finding a lawyer.  However, neither the Mississippi State Bar nor any county bar associations in Mississippi offer lawyer referral services.

What should someone do if they are looking for a lawyer in Mississippi, then?  Luckily, there are several private attorney referral services that are available.  These services are located online, and can be found with a quick search. 

In addition to offering multiple lawyer referrals, most private services provide information about the lawyers they are recommending.  Also, many private attorney referral services maintain legal libraries on their websites.  These services are generally free to use, and your initial meeting with your lawyer is capped at a low price ? usually only costing $0 to $50.

Although the various bar associations in Mississippi do not offer assistance in finding a lawyer, private attorney referral services more than cover that gap.  These services can take much of the stress and headache out of the search for the right lawyer for you.

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