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Learn More About Harrison County, MS

Harrison County is located on the southern tip of Mississippi which is a heavily forested state and therefore holds some of the most expansive and beautiful National Parks. There are 7 areas preserved by the National Park Service, 3 major lakes and 6 major rivers that run through Mississippi, the most famous site of all being the Mississippi River.

Recently, in Harrison County a man was convicted of manslaughter and aggravated assault. The court stated that the man received “a fair sentence for trying to take justice into his own hands.” After an alleged argument Mr. Delmontraz Casey chased a vehicle and fired gunshots at the car. The driver of the vehicle lost control, crashed, and died later that day due to his injuries from the collision. The judge stated that she could have sentenced the defendant to 40 years in prison but decided not to after taking into account that Mr. Casey had no prior criminal history, and sentenced him to 20 years in prison instead. In his defense Mr. Casey stated that the four men in the vehicle had come to his house for a confrontation but the judge stated that he should have called 911.

Although Mississippi has lenient gun control laws it is essential to know when your acts become illegal. Harrison County lawyers are well equipped in helping you understand your legal rights. Not only do Harrison County lawyers practice in property law, but they also specialize in areas such as family, employment & labor, civil rights, and wills & trust law.

In Harrison County there are several different levels to the court structure. There are two Municipal Courts which are Biloxi Municipal Court and Gulfport Municipal Court. These two courts handle misdemeanors and other small violations. Then there is the Harrison County Justice Court which handles small claims, preliminary hearings, and misdemeanors. Both the Municipal Courts and Justice Courts are at the trial level and are locally funded. The next level of the court structure consists of the Harrison County Court and Chancery Court. Both of these courts have limited jury trials but only the Harrison County Court is locally funded. Both of these courts handle civil appeals, domestic relations, real property, and contract cases. The next level up in the court structure is the Harrison County Circuit Court which handles criminal cases, and civil law appeals. In order to understand all the complex procedures and rules within the Harrison County court system it is important to have the right attorney by your side.

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