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Learn More About Pascagoula, MS

Pascagoula was one of the areas hit hardest by Hurricane Katrina, but received little media attention in the aftermath. This has not stopped the city from continuing to thrive. In the wake of Katrina flooded the city with 30-55 foot waves, Pascagoula rebuilt and prospered by continuing its fine tradition of ship building.

There are quite a few great Pascagoula lawyers in the area. These attorneys are available to assist you in many different legal areas including personal injury, business, real estate, tax, bankruptcy, product liability, and more.

A Pascagoula couple recently won a $900,000 verdict against their insurance company, USAA, for failing to pay the full policy out after doing a poor investigation. The Pascagoula couple, represented by a Pascagoula attorney, argued that USAA failed to inspect their house which was damaged in Hurricane Katrina, and thus only paid out $35,000 for damage to the second floor of their home, even though the home had been destroyed and the policy covered over $800,000. The Pascagoula attorney, who is currently representing many other families in lawsuits against their insurers, said that this jury verdict was a shot across the bow of the insurance companies, letting them know that they better make full investigations before denying their customers’ claims.

Pascagoula is served by the Jackson County Court as well as the Circuit Court for District 19. Between these two courts, they cover almost all civil and criminal trials. If you have a case in Pascagoula, you will probably have to report to one of these courts. Having an experienced local attorney at your side will be a big advantage for you.

To find a Pascagoula attorney who is skilled in the area of law that your lawsuit covers, you could look through the phone book, or better yet, you could visit and be matched up with a lawyer in your area that is eager to represent you. After presenting your case in our system, legal professionals in Pascagoula will contact you with proposed courses of action. Take the guess work out of finding the right attorney and come to LegalMatch today!

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