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Learn More About Olive Branch, MS

Olive Branch is the fifth largest city in Mississippi and is part of the 4th Judicial District as an incorporated city of Desoto County. Now serving largely as a Memphis middle-class bedroom community, Olive Branch is also home to four championship golf courses.
With a close proximity to Memphis and a growing resident base, Olive Branch also plays host to many reputable lawyers. Lawyers in Olive Branch are able to take many different cases like wills and trusts, immigration cases such as green card and visa matters as well as any type of legal issue that you may face.
Recently, the Mississippi Superior Court found that the judge in an Olive Branch couple’s child custody battle had violated the Code of Judicial Conduct by making inappropriate assertions. The judge reportedly badgered defendant Amanda Schmidt about trying to keep her child from seeing her ex-husband by going back on a custody agreement originally agreed upon by both parties. However, the transcript of the court showed that Schmidt had repeatedly told the judge that she had signed the agreement in fear for her and the child’s safety. The decision has been overruled and the guilty judge has been reprimanded.
If you live in Olive Branch and want to file in court for a family matter like child custody or divorce, you will likely be visiting the Desoto County Chancery Court in Hernando. The chancery court is responsible for hearing nearly every kind of case in Olive Branch excluding criminal cases and real property disputes over $2000, both of which are relegated to the Mississippi Superior Court.
If you are looking for a reputable lawyer in Olive Branch, LegalMatch is the simple solution. Not only will LegalMatch pair you with bar certified Olive Branch lawyers, but LegalMatch’s LegalCenter is also a great place to do research on your particular case. The LegalCenter provides forums, a newsletter, tips for choosing the best lawyer for you, a legal blog, and an online law library.
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