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As part of the one of the wealthiest areas of South Carolina, Aiken County is a great place to live and visit. Originally, Aiken County was a popular spot for affluent northerners to come during the winter and escape the bitter cold. Today, the county is still very popular for horse trainers and riders.

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If you are facing legal charges in Aiken County, there are many Aiken County lawyers who are available to represent you. These legal professionals can representing you in any type of action including personal injury, DUI, divorce, child custody, contract disputes, real estate, criminal defense, insurance, and many more.

An Aiken County homeowners' association recently filed a lawsuit to stop the Project Jackson development in North Augusta. The River Club Homeowners Association has filed a complaint against the city of North Augusta and the city's mayor and city council in the Aiken County Court of Common Pleas, alleging that, among other things, a city ordinance designed to fund the project  violates the Tax Increment Financing Law of South Carolina.  Even though only North Augusta and its city officials are named as defendants, the Aiken County Council and the Aiken County Public School District are also affected by the lawsuit because both organizations had agreed to participate alongside the North Augusta City Council in Project Jackson.

Aiken County is served by the South Carolina Second Circuit Court, which is the state’s court of general jurisdiction and hears both civil and criminal cases. Additionally, family disputes are settled in the Family Court of the Second Circuit. Depending on your type of case, you may have to go to either of these courts. A local Aiken County attorney can help you figure out where your case has its best chance of winning.

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