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Top 10 Estate Planning Articles

People may think that only super wealthy folks like Bill Gates need an estate plan. However, nearly everyone attains ownership rights to some form of property during their lifetime. For example, if you own a cat, your estate plan can include details to transfer your cat to another upon your death.

A wide range of information on estate planning can be found below in the LegalMatch Top 10 Articles on Estate Planning.

1. Alternative Valuation Method for Gross Estate

If someone dies and leaves you a ton of money, your first reaction may be one of elation. However, your mood may quickly sour as soon as the IRS contacts you about having to pay an estate or inheritance tax. You may be able to pay lower taxes through an alternative valuation for the whole estate, which is explained in this article.

2. Transfer on Death Deed

You may want your favorite grandchild to receive the family vacation cabin without any risk of other family members fighting for it. One way to make sure that the cabin goes straight to the grandchild is by giving the cabin via a transfer on death deed. If you want to pass along property in this manner, then you should read this article.

3. Residuary Estate Legal Issues

Unless you are planning on committing suicide, there is no way that you can know exactly what you will leave behind when you die. After all, you may sell your house after you made your will or inherit something on your deathbed. If you are concerned about what will happen to what you do not list in your will, you should read this article.

4. Estate Planning

When you die, the last thing you want is for your entire estate going to the estranged daughter who openly hates you. Therefore, you need to plan how your estate will be distributed now, rather than dying without any plan. This article can tell you what sort of estate plan you need at each stage of your life.

5. Estate Planning Lawyers

Establishing a plan for how your estate will be distributed when you die can be like navigating a minefield, except the explosives are family fights, not actual bombs. Therefore, it is critical that you spend the effort into making the perfect estate plan. You should read this article to learn how the right lawyer can help you in this endeavor.

6. Life Estate Lawyers

Imagine if you got to live in a castle for the rest of your life, but that castle is a historical museum that you cannot change. While you might have fun in the castle, you would need to maintain the property in its original state. If you find yourself living in a similar situation, then you should read this article about the life estate legal intricacies.

7. Estate Planning for a Disabled Beneficiary

If you have a disabled child, he or she may require extra care from you, even after you die. This article explains how you can continue to take care of your disabled child from beyond the grave.

8. Estate Planning for Your Pets

When Paris Hilton dies, she will leave behind a lot of Chihuahua puppies. Considering how she dotes on them by buying them custom dog clothing and jewelry, she will probably also provide for them in her will. If you have a pet that you want to continue to take care of after you die, then you should read this article to find out how.

9. Common Estate Planning Mistakes

You may have already created an estate plan, but it may be outdated. For instance, you could still have it in your will that your 49 year old son gets custody of your 38 year old daughter, who was 13 at the time your wrote the will. This article discusses outdated wills and other common problems people frequently have with estate planning.

10. Gross Estate Components

How much property do you own? This may turn out to be difficult question to answer. Chances are, you probably don’t sit around regularly creating and updating lists of all of your worldly possessions. This article highlights important parts of your estate that you may not otherwise consider.

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