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Top 10 Blog Articles of 2017

2017 was a year of change. The political landscape seemed to change overnight, and the divide in our nation became greater than ever. From the first days of the Trump Presidency to a long-term tax plan, 2017 saw so many transformations for the nation and legal system, as a whole. There was one topic that our team of legal writers couldn’t avoid, and it shouldn’t surprise you.

1. Trump Presidency, Day 3: Possible Constitutional Violation?

Out of the gate, just three days after his inauguration, the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a lawsuit that claimed President Trump received payments from foreign organizations. Essentially, alleging that the new President accepted money or benefits due to his position of power. After putting his company in a trust, run by his children, many wondered if the President was using his position for personal gain.

2. Immigration Ban 101: Understanding Trump’s Executive Order

This was President Trump’s first attempt to instill a travel ban. His first attempt banned entry from seven countries, where Islam is the predominate religion, for more than 90 days. He also wanted to suspend the Syrian refugee program, greatly reduce the number of overal refugees, and prioritize refugees based on their religion. While it didn’t say it out right, the proposed Ban danced around the word “Muslim” without pointing it out.

3. Ethics Rules Violated When White House Endorsed Ivanka Trump’s Products

When Nordstroms decided to drop Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, the President’s senior advisor Kellyanne Conway made her feelings clear on a live Fox News interview. She talked up the quality of Ivanka’s line and encourged viewers to go out and buy it today. She even admitted she was doing a “free commercial” for the product line. Was there a violation? Absolutely. Did anything come of it? Nothing at all.

4. Treason: Is It the Future for President Trump?

It didn’t take long for the “T-word” to be thrown around. In under 100 days in office, many unhappy Americans are wondering if a charge of treason is looming for the new President. But what even amounts to treason? A serious charge requires serious actions, and has the President even done enough to qualify for it?

5. How to Avoid Losing Child Custody Like Alex Jones

Famous Infowars personality, Alex Jones, lost custody of his children in April 2017 his ex-wife’s attorney used footage of his rants as evidence that Jones was unfit to be a parent. While Jones’ attorney attempted to explain it was satire, Jones decided it was time to fully commit behind his views (on record). On top of that, a psychologist testified that Jones has narcissistic personality disorder and has a lack of empathy for others. Ouch.

6. Offensive Trademarks are Protected Speech, According to the Supreme Court

The disparagement clause specifically prohibited trademarks that were meant to “bring into contempt or disrepute” any person, institution, belief, or national symbols. But an all Asian-American band called “The Slants” won the right to trademark their name, saying that they chose it to reclaim the offensive term (ironically).

7. The Legalities of Firing Nazis

After the horrors of Charlottesville, VA, many of the supporters and marchers were shocked and upset when they returned home to find they were fired from their jobs and ignored by their community. So the question arose, can you be fired for expressing your political beliefs? Can you be fired because your employer or community identified you as a marcher at a rally that supported white supremecy? Yes, you can. On top of that, employers that fail to do so might create a hostile work environment for other employees who can never unlearn that their co-worker stands behind a political group that once committed mass genocide.

8. Sarah Palin’s Defamation Suit Against NYT Tossed: What is the Line Between Biased and Fake News?

A New York Times articled alleged that, at Palin’s political action committee meeting in 2010, a map was passed around that had drawn crosshairs on certain districts. One of these districts belonged to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who was shot in 2011. The article went on to say that the map with the crosshairs resulted in the shooting of Rep. Giffords, and others. Later, they added that “no such link was established”, but Sarah Palin was still ready to file suit for defamation.

9. Understanding Gun Rights and Laws in Light of the Las Vegas Tragedy, Part One: The Second Amendment

In October 2017, a gunman opened fire in Las Vegas from the 32nd floor window at a nearby hotel. He killed 58 people and injured 489 victims. Once again, the nation grappled with the idea of gun control and banning of assault rifles that allow over 500 people to be shot and maimed. In a two-part series, we discuss the details of gun ownership and the limits to the Second Amendment to help us make sense of this avoidable tragedy.

10. What You Need to Know About the Harvey Weinstein Lawsuits

It was the worst kept secret in Hollywood. Both because it was not really a secret and it was something that shouldn’t be a secret. The news of Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior finally made headlines, and now the former Kingmaker of Hollywood is facing the reality of his actions.

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