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Top 10 Blog Articles of 2016

2016 was a rollercoaster of a year! In January, many controversial new laws came into effect and the nation experienced it’s last year under President Barack Obama. The Supreme Court had a new vacancy at the unexpected passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, and the Democrats and Republicans began to battle to fill the vacancy. 2016 also saw the election of President Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America

1. Fake News, Real Damage

By far, one of the biggest issues we faced in 2016 was the rise in fake news. “News networks” like Breitbart were starting to appear as leaders in news, while other networks or newspapers cried “foul.” Fake news still runs rampant in 2017, but it is clear that it began being a real problem in 2016.

2. Did Trump Commit Treason In His Statements About Russia?

In 2015, Mr. Trump announced his run for president, and in 2016 we saw him win the election. But before the election, the future President Trump was already under fire for his controversial statements about Russia. Little did we know that Russia will be a continuing theme for President Trump, but hindsight is always 20/20.

3. Will Clinton’s Email Controversy Benefit Whistleblowers?

What was considered just a few innocent emails were blown up into a breach of national security, and eventually died down to just a few innocent emails. Either way, this was the beginning of the end of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign for President and set the tone for the rest of the year and 2017.

4. Justice Scalia and the Next Supreme Court Justice

No matter your political preference, it is clear that the American legal system lost a great legal mind when Justice Antonin Scalia unexpected passed away at the age of 79. He left many cases on the docket, and after his passing the Supreme Court was rendered lame with an 8 person court that gave out 4 – 4 decisions. It also triggered a long political battle to usher in the next Justice, which eventually happened in 2017 with the swearing in of the new Republican appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch.

5. Understanding Hate Crime Law in the Wake of Orlando

On June 12, 2016, a gunman entered the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando and killed 49 people while wounding 53. This horrific act stunned and tore at the heart of the nation, but it also brought communities together and more stronger than before.

6. Flint Water Crisis: Where Can They Go From Here?

Since early 2015, the city of Flint, Michigan has been facing a water crisis of devastating proportions. At least 12,000 of their citizens were severely poisoned by lead pipes in their water system, leaving their sinks, showers, and general water supply toxic to touch and drink. While we hoped to see the situation fixed in 2016, as of April 2017, Flint is still without safe water.

7. Brock Turner’s Early Release Renews Mandatory Minimum Sentence Debate

In 2016, the nation was collectively horrified when Stanford swim team star, Brock Turner, only served 3 months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious classmate behind a dumpster. The Judge reasoned that prison would “have a severe impact on him” while conveniently forgetting about the impact that Turner had on his victim.

8. Lesson from Pharmaceutical CEO Shkreli’s Outrageous Drug Price Increase

No one can forget Wall Street’s “bad boy” Martin Shkreli, who was already hated for putting a 5000% price increase on a very necessary medication. In 2016, Shkreli faced the wrath of the federal government  and his shareholders when he was charged with fraud. Since then Shkreli had to testify before Congress and is awaiting trial for his charges.

9. Pokémon Go and the Dangers that Come With It

Pokémon Go came out over the summer of 2016, and while it certainly got people outside and exploring, it also caused some trouble. Many people were reported to drive and play at the same time, and there were reports of people trespassing onto private property to catch rare Pokémon. The craze has since died down, but 2016 certainly saw most of the excitement.

10. What Happened to Our Healthcare System?

In 2016, we started to hear promises of ending the Affordable Care Act for a better option. But after the election, it became clear that a good deal of the American public had no clue how health insurance worked or even that the Affordable Care Act is the same thing as Obamacare. Little did we know that issues with health insurance will be the theme of 2017, and that we have seen the setup happen over 2016.

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