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Top 10 Blog Articles of 2012

The year 2012 was full of more events than just the London Summer Olympics. The Hunger Games became the latest movie phenomenon, just as Twilight ended. Hurricane Sandy left residents of the Tri-State area stranded. Brangelina finally got engaged, and Kimye got together. There were also horrific shootings in Colorado and New Jersey.

1. Can You Get the Benefits of Divorce without Being Married?

Lots of couples are moving in together without getting married these days. But what happens when an unmarried couple like Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis decided to break up after building a life together? Besides a bitter break-up, some unmarried couples can get the benefits of a divorce in a few states under a common law marriage.

2. Should Public Shaming Be an Option for Criminal Punishment?

Public shaming has become a popular source of online entertainment. Online websites are devoted to publicly shaming insensitive posts on Facebook and Twitter, the bad behavior of dogs, and bad parking jobs. Although controversial, it seems that public shaming is becoming a popular choice among judges for legal punishment as well.

3. Is Online Gambling Legal?

Not everyone wants to limit their ability to gambling only to the occasional crazy party weekend in Vegas. Some people would prefer to double their monthly paycheck through online poker over their lunch break. Unfortunately, many states and even the federal government are in the process of trying to make online gambling illegal.

4. Career Suicide: An Ex-Port Star Becomes a Teacher in a Conservative School District

Most teenage boys would love to have a hot teacher to fantasize about in class. Occasionally, their prayers are answered when an ex-porn becomes a teacher, such as Stacie Halas and Tera Myers. Schools are not nearly as thrilled as the students, and these teachers are often fired over their past careers, which may be wrongful termination.

5. Towns Creating Their Own Currency May Violate the Constitution

How awesome would it be if you could get rich just by printing your own form of currency? You would never be poor, and you could finally afford to buy a Maserati. Unfortunately, creating a valid currency that is used in place of the American dollar is illegal here, and a number of towns are getting into trouble for attempting to do just that.

6. Is There a Right to Use Marijuana for Religious Purposes?

Drugs such as peyote can play an important role in religious ceremonies. Recently, there has been an increased use of marijuana in ceremonies for religious organizations, including the Native American Church. Since marijuana does not have a long history of religious use, the legality of such use is being challenged by the government in the court.

7. Wage and Hour Lawsuits Are on the Rise

Flexible work weeks are so common these days that when Yahoo got rid of its flexible work week, it drew a lot of criticism. However, this departure from the traditional 9-to-5 has caused confusion over whether employees are being accurately compensated. Thus, there has been a dramatic increase lately in lawsuits based on inadequate compensation.

8. Maryland Gun Control Law Is Found Unconstitutional

Imagine if the government tried to control your ability to go to church by requiring you to give an objective reason for attending. Maryland tried to control people’s access to guns in a similar fashion by requiring them to prove that they were carrying a gun because of an objective threat. Needless to say, that law was struck down as unconstitutional.

9. Should Death Row Inmates Be Allowed to Donate Their Organs?

Death row inmates may seem incapable of doing anything good, especially since they are all convicted of murder. One death row inmate recently tried to make his inevitable death serve a positive purpose by offering to be an organ donor. Unfortunately, his offer will likely be turned down because it could cause too many legal and ethical problems.

10. A Facebook Rant Violates a Protective Order

Anthony Weiner and Geraldo Rivera learned the hard way with their naked selfies that when you post something online, everyone can and will see it if they want to. The same goes for Facebook rants, which one guy discovered after his ex-wife used his Facebook rant about her to show the court that he had violated her protective order against him.

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