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Top 10 Blog Articles of 2011

Decades from now, 2011 will likely be remembered as the year of protests. The Arab Spring forced out government officials while Occupy Wall Street encouraged people to camp outside. Ten years after 9/11, Osama bin Laden was finally killed. In happier news, 50 Shades of Grey was published, giving rise to kinkier sex lives around the world.

1. Breaking News: Nutella Is Not Health Food

Nutella is made from hazelnuts, and nuts are a healthy source of protein. Ergo, Nutella must be a healthy source of protein, right? Tragically, Nutella is not very healthy, which was so shocking to one woman that she sued the maker of Nutella for false advertising.

2. Arizona Again Passes a Law to Ban Something That Nobody Does

In some countries where women are seen as a burden, especially in India and China, female fetuses are routinely aborted if the gender is discovered early enough. Unlike other cultural practices, sex-selective abortion has not been imported to the United States. However, Arizona has still banned sex- and race-selective abortion as a precaution.

3. Should We Consider Lowering the Drinking Age?

Some countries, such as Russia and France, do not have any minimum drinking age limit. With a minimum drinking age of 21, the United State has one of the highest minimum age limits in the world. Ever since the drinking age was raised in America, there has been an ongoing debate on whether the drinking age should be lowered.

4. Lawyer Salaries Have Breach the $1,000 per Hour Mark

Everyone knows that time is money. Companies such as Google realize this and offer all sorts of conveniences to keep their employees from leaving the office, including on-site cafeterias, gyms, and even medical staff. Some lawyers have recently proven that their time may be the most valuable by charging over $1,000 for each hour that they work.

5. Collecting on Your Judgment: the Headache Continues

There are some interesting ways to ensure you get what you’re owed. However, all of them require that you first petition the court to get off their rears and start shaking down the loser in a lawsuit. Most courts generally view these sorts of petitions favorably depending on the facts.

6. Court Rules Police Can Search Cell Phones without a Warrant

Most people just worry about their significant other seeing inappropriate text messages on their cell phone. In California, people have another reason to be worried about who might be looking at their phone because police can search your cell phone without a warrant. Thus, now would be a good time to delete those joke texts about selling drugs.

7. Will the Supreme Court Allow California to Ban Violent Video Games?

There is some evidence to suggest that violence in video games encourages kids to be violent in real life. After all, where else would an 8 year old get the idea that killing an elderly woman with a handgun is a good thing? California tried to put an end to children’s access to violent video games by attempting to ban the games altogether.

8. How to Fight a Traffic Ticket and Actually Win

Over 100,000 people get a speeding ticket each day. Only about 5% of those people ever bother to challenge the ticket in court because most people think that trying to challenge a traffic citation is a lost cause. It does not have to be, and there are some tried and true tips that you can employ to contest a traffic ticket and win.

9. How to Make Judges Like You or at Least Not Hate You

People annoy judges with inappropriate behavior all the time. Even lawyers are capable of getting on the wrong side of a judge, like when a defense attorney showed up to court in Las Vegas late and completely wasted. Thus, it is a no-brainer that staying on the judge’s good side by following a few basic rules is an important aspect of winning a case.

10. Court Sides with Father: Vaccinations Are in a Child’s Best Interest

Some parents will do anything for their children, such as standing in line for hours to get the newest toy. If a child needs medical help, the average parents will move heaven and earth to keep their child healthy. Courts recognize this protective instinct and will often give custody to the parent that wants to give medical help, including vaccinations.

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