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What is a Rental Agreement?

A rental agreement is enforceable agreement between a tenant and landlord for lease of an apartment, house, or condo. The contract is generally for a year, but it can vary. The agreement includes terms such as rental price, pets, and late fees.

Can My Landlord Evict Me If My Lease Ends and I Don’t Want to Move?

No. In Wyoming, a landlord can only evict a tenant for non-payment of rent or breaking a term in the lease agreement. A landlord can also terminate the lease with a notice called an “Unconditional Quit.”

Are There Any Reasons I Can Terminate a Rental Lease Early and not Owe My Landlord? 

Yes, a Wyoming does allow a tenant to terminate a lease early. The reasons include: 

Does Wyoming Law Require My Landlord to Mitigate Damages If I Break My Lease? 

Yes. To mitigate damages refers to a landlord having to find a new tenant for the rental unit left by the terminating tenant. The landlord has to do so in a reasonable amount of time. So the tenant terminating the lease may not have to pay the entire remaining balance owed on the agreement. 

What Will Happen If the Landlord Can’t Find an Acceptable Tenant? 

A tenant may be required to pay the full balance. The landlord is allowed to use the tenant’s security deposit toward the debt. The landlord also has the option to sue, but Wyoming's small claims limit is $6,000. 

Should I Consult an Attorney Prior to Breaking My Rental Lease?

Yes. Talk to lawyer before talking to your landlord to avoid paying hefty damages for terminating a lease early.

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