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Business crimes are criminal activities that happen in a business setting, and they are generally called white collar crimes. These crimes are considered separate from traditional crimes, such as rape and murder, because they are non-violent criminal acts. The term “white collar” refers to the individuals committing the crime being successful businesspersons or professionals.

Can Internet and Computer Crimes Be Considered Business Crimes?

Yes. Internet and computer crimes are considered business crimes when:

Is Employee Embezzlement Considered a Business Crime?

Yes. It is considered a business crime whenever an employee seeks to use company assets, money, or property in their care for their own private use. A common form of embezzlement occurs when an employee has access to the company’s bank account. The employee withdraws funds from the account and uses those funds for personal reasons.

An employer can recognize employee embezzlement by looking for:

What Can Happen If I Am Convicted of a Business Crime?

There are several serious penalties that a person can face if convicted of a business crime. These penalties for include:

What Are Some Business Crimes Defenses?

There are several defenses available to someone accused of a business crime, such as:

Do I Need a Lawyer If I Am Accused of a Business Crime?

Facing criminal charges for a business crime is a scary prospect, as these charges can ruin your life. Talk to a criminal lawyer if you are accused of any business crime. The lawyer will advise you of all available defenses and help you use them in court.

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