Many people decide not to hire an attorney to handle issues at Immigration Court. Even though you can represent yourself before the court, it may not be a good idea. Since the immigration process is very complex and immigration law is always changing, the immigration court strongly recommends that people hire a lawyer.

Why Should I Consider Hiring an Attorney?

One reason to consider hiring an attorney is that your opponent, the United States, will be represented by an attorney during the hearing. As such, you may feel more comfortable with attorney representation. Additionally, due to the complexity of immigration and nationality laws, it is a good idea to hire an experienced immigration attorney. Immigration court decisions can have a huge impact on your life, even including a possible deportation. It is therefore very important that you have an experienced attorney at your side to help you through your hearing.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Good Immigration Attorney?

There are many benefits for hiring an experienced immigration attorney. An experienced immigration attorney has a comprehensive knowledge of the immigration laws and a deep understanding of the immigration process. It is important to get an immigration attorney because many immigration applications are denied every year.


Assist You with Paperwork: Immigration laws can be very complex and there are dozens of documents that you need to be aware of. An experienced immigration attorney can help you file all the necessary documentation.

Explain Your Options: A good immigration lawyer can help explain all the options that may be available to you. They also can explain what laws must be followed in order to satisfy the available options that you may have.

Can Educate You on Important Laws: After you get a green card or permanent residency, a lawyer can help explain all the immigration laws that you must abide by. This is important since you may get deported if you break any of these laws.

Increase Your Chances of Success: There are large volumes of applications that are denied every year. Many applications are denied each year because of simple processing or application errors. Having an experienced immigration attorney can help you file the right documents and assist in the entire immigration process for a lesser chance of denial.

Where Can I Find an Attorney?

Immigration court is not considered to be a criminal proceeding. As a result, the government is not obligated to provide you with a free lawyer. However, if money is an issue, the immigration court does provide a list of lawyers and associations that may be able to represent you for a lower cost. Attorney referral services offered by state and local bar associations or LegalMatch can help you find an immigration lawyer that fits your needs.