What Is a Rape Kit?

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What Is Rape?

Rape is the unlawful, non-consensual sexual intercourse between individuals. Non-consensual refers to one individual not giving consent, such as in the case of marital rape or date rape.

What Is a Rape Kit?

A rape kit is a medical kit used to collect forensic evidence from an individual who was raped. The evidence collected includes bodily fluids and hair samples. Bodily fluids include semen and saliva. Fibers from clothes are removed from the body and preserved. Photographs of the victim’s injuries and clothes wore during the rape is also taken.

Each collected sample is kept in a small box, plastic bag, or microscope slide.

Is a Blood Sample Also Taken?

Yes, a blood sample is taken after the kit is completed. The blood sample is tested for:

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Rape Kit?

The entire process of completing the kit takes about four hours. It does involve getting poked, prodded, and swabbed.

For What Is a Rape Kit Used?

A rape kit is used to take forensic evidence to identify and assist in prosecuting the rapist or rapists who committed the crime.

What Happens to the Kit After It Is Completed?

The kit is usually performed at a hospital, where analysis is done on the samples. Once completed, the kit is turned over to the police. Once the police have the kit, they enter the DNA evidence into CODIS, which is an FBI database used to help law enforcement identify rapists. The database includes DNA for anyone who has committed a felony crime.

If there is a match, the police may consider the matched individual a suspect.

Should I Contact a Lawyer about a Rape Kit?

Rape kit collections are only part of the investigation. If you need a more detailed understanding of how a rape kit is used or to find out if a suspect has been identified, contact a criminal attorney.

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