What Is a Family Law Facilitator?

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What Is a Family Law Facilitator?

A family law facilitator is a person, often an attorney, who provides assistance with persons who are filing in a family court. Their main task is generally to help the person with paperwork and documents that will be used in filing the case. The family law facilitator often points the person to what forms they should obtain and how they need to fill it out.

While this person is often an attorney, they do not act as the person’s attorney. No attorney-client relationship is formed between the facilitator and the person filing the claim. If the person needs to attend a family court hearing or undergo trial, they will need to retain their own attorney for those types of processes.

What Do Family Law Facilitators Do?

As mentioned, family law facilitators mainly provide administrative assistance with family court paperwork. Family law facilitators may perform tasks and provide services such as:

Again, a family law facilitator does NOT:

What Types of Cases Do Family Law Facilitators Handle?

Family law facilitators typically provide assistance with family law cases that involve:

The range of duties that a family law facilitator performs may vary by jurisdiction. Also, their title may vary slightly depending on the court system.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Help with Family Law Issues?

Filing a case in a family court may mean that you’ll be working with a family law facilitator. However, you may also need to hire a family law attorney in order to help you with the actual legal proceedings. Your attorney can provide assistance where the facilitator left off as the proceedings begin. Also, if you need to attend any court sessions, your lawyer can be present to represent you.

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