Most mediations involve an hourly or per-session fee which can be expensive if the mediator determines that there has to be a lot of sessions to resolve the ongoing dispute or if the mediator runs a private practice. The mediations that are ordered by the court or conducted through a community based mediation agency are not hourly and can be less expensive. The agency that is provided by the court or community based mediation provide very low fees and sometimes are even for free

Using family mediations for things like divorces can be much less costly than going to court for two reasons. First, mediation generally takes much less time than litigation. This decrease in time means less hourly fees to pay the attorneys and mediators. Second, using mediation without going to court means that you will not have to pay court fees.  This will also save you money. 

How Many Mediation Session Are Required?

The number of mediation sessions depend on many factors. The number of mediation sessions will depend on the type of dispute that the mediation is trying to resolve, the type of information needed to be gathered to negotiate an agreement or settlement, and what the mediator determines is needed for the issue to be resolved.

Are Mediators Cheaper than Lawyers?

There are many kinds of mediators, with different levels of experience and different price schemes. Many mediators are themselves attorneys, who have developed expertise in the area of alternative dispute resolution and mediation. Other mediators are mental health professionals, and some are retired judges. Generally, mediators charge either by the hour or by the session, regardless of whether they are lawyers, therapists, or other professionals.

Do I Have to Pay for Court Ordered Mediation?

You do not have to pay for court ordered mediation.  If a court has ordered mediation for you, they will assign a mediator to you, whom they have screened and approved, and who will help you free of charge.

Are There Free Mediation Clinics?

There are many community-based mediation agencies throughout the country. They are generally able to handle simple disputes, such as those between landlords and tenants, and neighbors. For more complicated issues, however, it will be wise to consult with a private mediator or attorney. Courts also usually order mediations which are usually reduced in price and cheaper that private mediators.

Should I Contact a Lawyer?

In many instances, mediators are lawyers. Many family lawyers have gained experience in mediation of divorces and child custody disputes. It might also be wise to consult with an experienced lawyer near you prior to engaging in mediation so you understand the issues in your case.

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