What Are the Advantages to Using Marital Mediation?

Marital mediation can be very effective at resolving marriage disputes. Some of its advantages include:

  • Less expensive
  • Fast
  • More involvement by parties
  • Parties are generally more committed to resolving their differences
  • Tends to insure better and more complete payments
  • Great for child support issues

How Can Marital Mediation Not Be Very Effective?

Some of marital mediation’s disadvantages include:

  • Mediators may convince parties to sign binding agreements without explaining each provision
  • Less structured environment
  • Mediators (in rare circumstances) may be used as witnesses in divorce cases

Do I Need a Lawyer when I Consider Marital Mediation?

People generally use mediation because they cannot or do not want to pay the expense of an attorney. But having an experienced family law attorney is a great way to present yourself at a marital mediation in the most effective way. Be extra careful when selecting an attorney if you plan to use marital mediation because not every lawyer is familiar with the mediation process.