Wage and Hour Insurance Disputes

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What Is Wage and Hour Insurance?

Wage and hour disputes are one of the most common types of employment law disputes. These are when an employee has a complaint regarding:

Wage and hour insurance can often protect an employer in instances involving wage and hour lawsuits. Wage/hour insurance is often covered as a part of commercial general liability (CGL) insurance. Under this type of insurance, the insurer provides the employer with some financial backing in the event of a lawsuit or legal claim. CGL is sometimes called “Employment Practices Liability Insurance," or EPL.

What Does Wage and Hour Insurance Cover?

Most employment practices liability insurance policies cover issues and losses “resulting from” employment-related claims. In a wage and hour lawsuit, the policy may address:

Coverage may depend on each individual policy and the terms that were negotiated between the insurer and the employer. Terms and expenses that are not covered by the policy will not be covered by the insurer, and must be shouldered by the employer.

What Are Some Wage and Hour Insurance Disputes?

Disputes between the insurer and employer may include:

Disputes may actually require separate legal proceedings to handle the conflict between the insurer and the employer. This may be an additional lawsuit besides the original wage/hour lawsuit.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With Wage/Hour Insurance?

Employment liability insurance can often involve complex matters. For instance, wage and hour lawsuits may require a special term or provision in the insurance contract. If you need help negotiating or reviewing an insurance policy, you may wish to hire a lawyer for assistance. Your attorney can provide you with guidance on legal matters, and can also represent you if you need to appear in court for an employment law dispute.

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